Papillon Psychotherapy Services

  Cindy Elkerton, Registered Psychotherapist

Relationships Problems

We all desire closeness and intimacy, as long as that intimacy is safe and allows us to be fully who we are. There are few things as nourishing as a loving relationship and few things as painful as a relationship wrought with conflict and animosity. Satisfying relationships require effective communication, respect, mutuality, and consideration.

Relationship skills are learned. Some people are fortunate enough to learn some of these skills in their families of origin, the rest learn later in life. A psychotherapist can be a real asset in helping to acquire important skills in communication, authentic and secure connection and emotional intelligence. 

Couples with a wide range of problems and who are at different relationship stages and phases benefit from therapy.  I respect all cultures, sexual orientations, faiths, arrangements and traditions.

Are these areas of concern for you;
  • Problems in communication?
  • Conflict resolution?
  • Expressing emotions openly?
  • Closeness, intimacy and commitment?
  • Infidelity?
  • Trust issues?
  • Decisions about whether to marry or divorce?
  • Financial issues?
  • Blended family issues?

Couples therapy has helped many relationships come back from the brink. And even if you and your partner do decide to split, couples therapy can help you have a "healthier" breakup. 

  • Have you been spending more and more time apart?
  • Have your beliefs become vastly different?
  • Do you feel more relaxed and "yourself" when your partner is not around?
  • Have you and your partner have stopped talking, except for everyday things, like "Pass the butter?"
  • Are you rarely intimate anymore, if ever?
  • Did you used to have "discussions" and now you only have arguments?
  • Do you have open contempt for each other?

If you're experiencing these difficulties in your relationship, seek the help of a therapist.

If you feel that things are beyond repair, therapy can still help you address your own feelings of loss and grief over the breakup.